Hollant Beach GOA


Betul Beach GOA

Galgibaga Beach GOA

If you have heard of Olive Ridley Turtle, and their hatching and nesting season, you will have heard of Galgibaga Beach.

Hidden Paradise of the Beaches of Goa


Butterfly Beach is located north of the beautiful Palolem Beach, which provides it with beautiful scenery and the privacy and calmness that everyone seeks.

 Things to Do in Goa at Night

If you have been thinking that Goa is all about sun, sands and beaches, then you wrong. With a nightlife that fails to turn into day, this part of India definitely dazzles in immense pleasure, parties and a culture that knows no boundaries. Come to think, this super tourist destination of India has something that can touch the hearts of everyone- whether it be beach rum, a party reveler or for that matter a person who likes to revel in the tranquil corners of nature. Let us see the reasons for which Goa’s nightlife seduces the plurality of tourists who flock in here. Well we are not just going to talk about parties that render the glitter here but also those offbeat things to do in Goa at night that will amaze you with their beauty.Are you aware that in August most of the pubs and bars in Goa offer free drinks to people thereby keeping that buzz and spirits quite high. Serving till late in the morning, these places become the most sought after destinations in Goa especially at night for youngsters and singles.Goa is a different place altogether in terms of its culture, architecture and people than the rest of India. Why not just go on a ride to watch its mesmerizing Portuguese structures at night against the majestic backdrop of the Arabian Sea? You can easily get hold of a bike on rent and explore its Gothic as well as glittery side on your wheels.

Silent Noise Parties

Palolem Beach, South Goa

Till: Midnight

Every Saturday night, near Palolem Beach, a party takes place known as the Silent Noise. Here, people mostly foreigners, teens and youngsters gather around, plug into the headphones and listen to different genres of music like trance music, hard rock, pop music, etc while they groove on the dance floor. Silent Noise parties are a unique concept which is popular abroad and has quickly seeped into the party scene in Goa. Places like the Laughing Buddha in Palolem beach are a great place to witness Silent Noise Parties

Stargazing on Beach at Night

Where: Arossim beach, South Goa

Till: Whole night would be too short a duration for this

This is for people who love to spend some time alone for introspection. Watching those stars at night against the vast expanse of sea is stuff that dreams are made of. Lie down on a beach far from the noise and merriment, watching the sun set into the horizon and as night sky takes its place dazzling with stars. Feel the soothing sounds of the waves and gentle wind having a therapeutic effect on you.


Soak in the local history

Revisit Goa’s history of annexation via the ruins of the majestic forts scattered across Goa. The Reis Magos Fort, Verem, one of the most beautifully restored forts, overlooks parts of the sea and houses a museum within it. Also worthy of visit are Chapora Fort (as made popular by Dil Chahta Hai), Cabo De Rama in the south, Fort Aguada in Sinquerim and Tirakhol in the far north. Visit them for a slice of history, and stunning, lush views from a vantage point.

Walk through Old Goa

Typically, exploring Old Goa involves visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi right across it. But the area is dotted with several other historic gems that may not always be on the tourist trail. The Church of St. Augustine, Chapel of Mount Mary, the Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Viceroy Gate are some spots worth visiting.

Explore the Latin Quarter

the oldest surviving Latin Quarter in Goa. Colourful, whimsical and cut off from the main parts of Panjim, it is characterised by narrow lanes flanked by old homes, boutique hotels, quaint restaurants, galleries and cafes. Fontainhas is best explored on foot or on a bicycle.

Marvel at ancestral Portuguese homes and architecture

The use of vibrant colour, distinct mother-of-pearl-shell windows and hand-painted tiles come to mind when you think of traditional Goan homes. The Goan bungalow, with its Baroque-inspired architecture is quite the icon of this period. Visit the Menezes Braganza House in Chandor, Palácio do Deão in Quepem or roam the Campal area in Panaji to breathe in a bit of the history within the welcoming balcaos (porches), tiny balconies and inner courtyards

Check out the museums…

Goa is home to a few unusual, but interesting museums. For those inclined to history and culture, Goa Chitra in Benaulim— an ethnographic museum and The Museum of Christian Art —amongst the only one of its kind in Asia, showcases Indo-Portuguese art from the state are must-sees. Also worth visiting are the Archaeological Museum and Indian Customs & Central Excise Museum where you can revisit the state’s history of dealing with smuggling and other contraband activities.

Spice things up on a farm

Moving away from the coast and deeper into Goa’s hinterland, the lush greenery, rich soil and coastal monsoons make the state an ideal spot for cultivation of spices. A handful of spice plantations in the area around Ponda are now quite the attraction for travellers interested in food history and culture. Usually a day trip, a visit to any of these farms involves walks exploring the plantations, a guided tour of the processing plants, a peek inside a traditional Goan kitchen and ends with a sumptuous Goan meal.

Top best shopping places in Mumbai

Mumbai is a truly spectacular city that more than lives up to its unofficial handle as the “City of Dreams”. Here’s a wonderful urban center where the savvy shopper can pick up just about anything on Earth, not to mention a treasure trove of items exclusive to this part of the world. Cosmopolitan and vibrant, Mumbai is a thriving city of luxurious shopping and the highest retail standards most will ever come across. And what’s more, the city is also blessed with some of the most reliable and affordable public transport services in India, adding up to a unique shopping experience that’s not to be missed.

Colaba Causeway – India’s Premier Purpose Built Shopping Experience

Address: Colaba Causeway, Colaba, south Mumbai

This really is the very dictionary definition of a place where you can buy anything at any time. It’s a bit like a day-long shopping festival that never dies down and presents a golden opportunity for those looking to take home something authentic. It’s of course somewhat crowded by the usual touts and junk sellers, but it’s worth fighting past them for the real treasures on offer.

Crawford Market – For Fruit and Vegetable

  • Address: Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Fort area, south Mumbai

  • Open hours: all day from Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sunday afternoons

Crawford Market is the kind of place that’s guaranteed to divide the critics as some would argue that pets and animals really shouldn’t be sold at such markets. However, this is the way things have been done here for generations and it’s not the place of outsiders to question it, so instead why not lap up the unique atmosphere and indulge in the incredible fruits and vegetable that are bursting with color at every turn!

Chor Bazaar – A Mecca for Antiques and Furniture

  • Address: Mutton Street, between S V Patel and Moulana Shaukat Ali Roads

  • Open hours: every day except Friday from 11 am to 7:30 pm

Chor Bazaar is really the quintessential bazar that brings to life every stereotype and cliché you’ve ever heard of, and then takes it all to a whole new level making it one of the best shopping places in Mumbai! The Chor Bazar is loud, busy and quite chaotic, though is every day packed with all manner of weird and wonderful local goodies you won’t find on sale anywhere else. A must for second-hand bargain hunters looking for a unique find to take home.

ashion Street – The Place to Head for Stylish Steals

  • Address: Opposite Azad Maidan, Karamveer Bhaurao Patil Marg, M.G. Road, South Mumbai

  • Open hours: every day from 11 am to 8 pm

The name itself should give away what this place is all about – Fashion Street is the place to head for clothing. What’s on offer various from the pure junk to the outrageously luxurious, but in all cases there are so many bargains to be found. There are over 150 stalls to explore, so make sure you leave enough time to one side to make the most of your trip to Fashion Street – a true Mumbai shopping icon.

Zaveri Bazaar – A Treasure Trove of Low Priced Precious Jewelry

  • Address: Bhuleshwar, South Mumbai

  • Open hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm

When it comes to shopping places in Mumbai, Zaveri Bazaar is a place one should not miss. If you think you’ve seen organized chaos in its purest form, just wait until you lay eyes on Zaveri Bazaar! It’s the kind of spectacle that will stay with you for life, but beyond the madness of what’s going on around you there’s real treasure to be found and plenty of it. The order of the day here is the finest gold, silver and other precious metals in Indian with up to 60% off the prices you’d expect to pay for them back home.

Mangaldas Market — Silk and Cloth

Address: Janjiker Street, Lohar Chawl, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

With a history of over 200 years, Mangaldas is a paradise for silk and fabric lovers. The market is filled with over 600 shops along its central gully and nine lanes that intersects one another. You’re sure to be welcomed with extreme enthusiasm with all the merchants, either perching on a gaddi or sitting on aloft cushioned platform, presenting all the fantastic fabric such as the shimmering saris, salwar kameez suits and colorful churidars (tight-fitting trousers) before you. The only thing you need to worry about is whether your suitcase is big enough to hold all these excellent and captivating silk and fabrics.

Bhuleshwar Market – Mumbai’s Best for Female Accessories and Glassware

Address: Bhuleshwar, South Mumbai, 400002

Closed on Sundays, bargains abound at Bhuleshwar Market and it is the place you’ll find the locals going as well as the tourists with their eyes set on a bargain. Famed for selling stunning female accessories for next to nothing, Bhuleshwar Market is also a mecca for picking up gorgeous glassware and ornaments. It does have a habit of getting very busy, but is more than worth a visit for the amazing aromas and the music that fills the air all day long. Therefore, Bhuleshwar Market is no doubt one of best shopping places in Mumbai where you can get more than shopping.

Kalbadevi Market – A Must-See for Any Mumbai Trip

Address: Kalbadevi, north of Crawford Market

They say that no trip to Mumbai is complete without first taking in the sights, the sounds and the smells of Kalbadevi Market – a mecca for bargain-hunters. Here’s a place that gets so busy at peak time which actually ends up bringing the roads outside to a complete halt – the shopper here always have the right of way! For soft furnishings, clothing and accessories, you’ll be in the best hands.

Linking Road – The Best of Both Worlds

  • Address: Linking Road, Bandra

  • Open hours: every day from 10 am to 10 pm

Linking Road has a pretty apt name all in all as here’s where you’ll find a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences all in one place. On one side of the road it’s a tale of market stalls and street vendors selling anything and everything you can think of, while on the other you’ll find a string of big-name international chain stores and even a KFC!

This was all about the places from Mumbai where you can do shopping for cheap price.